Lighthouse dev, LLC is a Washington, DC area based company that specializes in optics technology, with particular expertise in eye safe laser power beaming and covert, embedded optical sensors and sensor platforms. 
Lighthouse is currently developing and deploying innovative wireless power transmission systems that deliver power with the use of lasers that operate at an eye safe wavelength, also known as eye safe laser power beaming.  The use of eye safe laser power beaming or transmission has wide-ranging applications, including remotely powering UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to dramatically extend mission run times.  Lighthouse has recently teamed up with the University of Maryland and FlexEl Inc. in a joint effort to research and develop a wireless power system that utilizes eye safe laser power beaming to remotely power flexible, rapid charging batteries.
Lighthouse also specializes in embedded sensor technology, which includes covert placement of embedded optical based sensors in signage, architectural features and digital messaging systems.  By placing embedded optical sensors and various other detection sensors in signs and architecture, they easily blend in to the environment while also having the advantage of being optimally placed for performance and accuracy.