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Lighthouse provides consultation and support services in a number of areas, primarily those focusing around real-time systems development and laser-based power-beaming technology, to a variety of DoD and commercial customers. Our team has many years of experience in the defense sector and can provide expertise that can’t be found elsewhere.

In addition to our support services, Lighthouse is always actively developing new concepts and products.

Real-Time Systems

Lighthouse personnel have many years of experience managing and developing real-time systems for a variety of DoD and commercial systems. We have experience developing under the VxWorks environment, developing systems that must adhere to strict safety-critical DO-178B requirements. For those systems that don’t need to meet safety-critical requirements, we bring to the table extensive experience in next-gen frameworks and middleware including Service-Oriented Architecture and the OMG’s Data Distribution Service to reduce stovepipe systems and support easy integratability.

Power Beaming

whitepaper-powerbeamingOriginally formed to compete in the Space Elevator Challenge, Lighthouse developed a power-beaming system to drive power to the climber. Since then Lighthouse has participated in NASA’s 2009 Innovative Partnerships Program, and has had media appearances on both BBC One and BBC Two. Since then Lighthouse has worked to further develop the capability and branch into new operational concepts.