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Bert Murray, Principal
Email: bert@lhdev.com

Bert has a BS in Electronics Engineering with thirty plus years experience in industry as Department Manager, Project Manager, Technical Lead, System Engineer, System Integrator, and Test Engineer for various aerospace, transportation and IT efforts. Projects include the Magellan spacecraft (Venus Radar Mapper), Transfer Orbit Stage (Orbital Science’s First Product), MX missile, Small ICBM missile, and various commercial and military aircraft. Over his career he has held multiple clearances including a TS/SCI.
Aaron Bakos, Principal
Email: aaron@lhdev.com

Aaron has a BS in Industrial Management and has fifteen years experience in industry as a project manager, engineer and consultant.  Aaron has practical experience that includes working with both low and high volume assembly processes, plastic injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping and various welding processes.  His diverse experience has allowed him to work with customers to minimize costs and develop cost effective solutions to challenging problems.  Aaron is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt with a background in Design for Six Sigma and Design for Assembly.
Jeff Reisman, Principal
Email: jeff@lhdev.com

Jeff has a B.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and has 7 years of experience as a software engineer in the defense sector.  Jeff has been a major contributor in the design, development, integration and support of an embedded real-time R&D system that has been flown on a range of platforms from general aviation to naval strike aircraft.  His embedded systems experience working at both the high and low levels of computer systems allows him to create innovative solutions that span numerous specialties, protocols, and platforms.
Steve Drew, Principal
Email: steve@lhdev.com

Steve has a BS in Physics from Kent State University and a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maine. His graduate work involved the development of optoelectronic mixing devices for LADAR systems. He has five years of experience as a radio frequency engineer in the defense sector. Steve has contributed to the design, development, testing and integration of various military satellite communications systems.
Robert Winsor, Consultant
Email: robert@lhdev.com

Robert is an Optical Scientist with 20 years experience designing telescopes, lens systems, fiber optic systems, and lasers for applications ranging from Astronomy to communications to biometrics and medical devices for ophthalmology.  He has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.  He has been awarded 5 patents and has another 6 patents pending for devices such as lasers, photonic crystal devices, intra-ocular lenses, prisms, biometric identification devices, GPS navigation, and atmospheric turbulence mitigation devices.  Robert is a subject matter expert regarding Adaptive Optics and wavefront sensing and control as well as free-space optical communications and biometrics using Iris recognition.  He also has extensive experience with many different types of manufacturing processes ranging from conventional machining to molded plastics, optical fabrication methods, thin film coatings, welding, and special assembly techniques such as dip brazing.  Robert also has several years experience as a certified laser safety officer (BLS license #1810).