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Lighthouse dev, LLC is a spin-off of the NSS (National Space Society) Space Elevator Team (www.spaceelevatorgames.org) that developed a working power beaming system for the 2009 NASA Innovative Partnerships Program.  The goal of the program was to encourage and develop new ideas and technologies for wireless power transmission.  The NSS team successfully designed and developed the following innovative technologies:

  • Control systems and sensors
  • Camera optics for optical tracking
  • High Power Laser Optics
  • Photovoltaic system that operates in eye safe portion of the IR Spectrum (1550nm)

After the conclusion of the Innovative Partnerships Program, NSS team leaders formed Lighthouse in 2009 to continue developing and applying these technologies for a variety of uses.  Lighthouse is currently employing these technologies for remotely powering Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and supplying power to security cameras and other sensors.  A number of Lighthouse members and consultants have current government security clearances.